Want to Reduce Stress? Apply Wood Material For Your Room

Ingin Redam Stress ?

“At the end of the day, you feel how tired and tired you are from all day activities at the office. Home is the final destination to rest and release the stress that burdens your day. Choosing to relax for a moment in the living room, lying in your favorite room or having a relaxing coffee on the balcony can be a relaxation that you can do at home..”

Wood Lovers, home is indeed the most comfortable and safe place for everyone. Loved ones gather and wait for you after your activities outside the home. Not only about the people in it, the comfort of the house can also be a reason for you to always miss coming home. Yes, there are so many reasons why home is the best place. Not surprisingly, the comfort of a home has become a priority. This makes everyone design and prepare their dwellings carefully and optimally.

Currently being a trend, residential character with the concept of "Back to Nature" which is able to provide the sensation of being closer to nature for its residents. This open space concept utilizes natural materials, a touch of glass in every corner of the room for lighting, air ventilation and a touch of plant decoration, both indoor and outdoor. No doubt this concept is able to bring residents to be more energy efficient while at the same time being able to harmonize with nature with more intense warmth between residents. The emergence of this concept is not without reason, apart from the issue of global warming and as a form of saving energy sources, the other most important thing is relaxation for its residents.

Then, can a house be the best place for relaxation? Yes, of course it can. Relaxation is an absolute necessity in this era. The era of progress makes all things develop so rapidly. The current development is increasingly congested, a myriad of dense human activities creeping along, along with the emergence of various problems. If you are not wise in managing your mind, then stress can easily attack anyone. If stress starts to attack, then mind control and relaxation is the solution.

The comfort of a residence that is designed in such a way, is able to provide relaxation for its residents. Residential concept of “Back to Nature” with the use of materials from nature can be an alternative. Psychologically, natural materials are able to bring positive vibrations and relaxation effects, one of which is wood.

The use of wood for housing is never time consuming, since the first until now wood has remained the exclusive choice of material for lovers. Wood can be applied to floors, ceilings, stair traps, skirting to banisters. Not many people know, besides being aesthetically valuable, wood also has many benefits, one of which is as a stress reliever.

Wood is a living material, which inherits its original properties and character when it grows into trees in the wild. Living in a dwelling made of wood makes human psychology seem so close to natural trees. Wood is naturally able to bind to carbon dioxide gas that is around it, this makes residents as well as natural air fresheners. Don't forget the relaxing scent that is so distinctive on the wood. Like one type of teak wood, it has a fragrance that is often used as the main ingredient of perfume. It is very capable of giving a relaxing effect and as a stress reducer.

In addition, wood material has the ability as a natural insulator. Wood can absorb heat energy during the day and when the temperature drops at night, on the other hand, wood keeps the room warm. This makes the room temperature tends to be stable when the weather is hot or cold. Wood, an environmentally friendly material, also provides benefits for the health of its occupants, wood floors themselves do not cause allergic effects in humans. Occupants of toddlers to the elderly are very safe living in houses with wooden floors.

What if judged from an artistic point of view?

The use of wood material not only offers a relaxing side, it is an environmentally friendly material and is beneficial for health. From an artistic point of view, wood has a fairly high value. The wooden patterns become so authentic that they are created differently from each other. The age of the wood is also a determinant of the creation of these unique patterns. In the hands of reliable architects, wood materials are designed and combined in such a way as to become a stunning residential concept. Elegant and exclusive, two words that can represent every residential concept with a combination of wood materials in it.

So a series of introductions to wood material for housing as the main relaxation for its residents. There are so many advantages offered by using this natural and environmentally friendly material. Let's improve the quality of residential comfort and create a relaxing effect for all residents of the house so as to create an intense and more harmonious relationship with each other. How about Wood Lovers, have you been inspired to design a residential concept with wood materials?

By : Juni Indah Suputri | 1 June 2021